Dr Dwight Riddick


Spiritual Gift Assessment

Trusted by over 1500 Churches, and taken by over 1 Million people – our FREE Spiritual Gifts Test will help you identify the unique Spiritual Gifts God has blessed you with – and learn how to best utilize those gifts to fulfill your life’s calling and purpose. Start Yours Now


Sqwire Personal Financial Wellness

I believe that you deserve the very best in financial wellness and it is an important piece of your happiness and your health.
To help you achieve financial wellness, I have partnered with CMI Leadership Coaching and Sqwire to give you exclusive access to top-notch, FREE online financial education and resources. Sqwire is designed to help you connect with trusted experts, develop healthy financial habits, and make informed, confident decisions about your money and your future. Joining the Sqwire community is a strong move toward the financial stability, security and freedom that you and your family deserve.


Everence Financial Solutions

As a financial services company that shares your values, Everence Financial believes all of us make better money decisions when we integrate our values with our decision-making. That’s why they offer a broad array of options to help you meet your needs. Connect with them name and use code: #DwightRiddick for premium assistance.